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Letter to Teachers

From Yonitte Ryger - violinist / educator / co-founder

Together with my friend Rose Wang, I started Play It For Good, a non-profit arts organization.  One of its goals is to provide performance opportunities to talented young players.

In 2011, Play It For Good is launching an orchestra.  Green Room will be composed of the finest artists/educators in the New York area.  Green Room will be unique in that it exists solely to provide talented young players the opportunity to be soloists.

I grew up with parents who are professional musicians and a father who is concertmaster of an orchestra.  Thus, I had many, many solo opportunities -- they were some of the most fun experiences I had as a student.  Unfortunately, most students never even have a single chance to solo.  Those who do have the opportunity to solo often don't get the chance until they are exceedingly advanced.  Green Room, on the contrary, fills the void by selecting soloists based purely on how enjoyable a performance they are able to give, regardless of age or level.  For example, if a student is able to give a confident musical performance of Rieding B minor Concerto (NYSSMA level 2/3), I am very happy to have him/her as a soloist.

Student performers will be chosen through a workshop, not a cold audition.  My hope and goal is that every student participating in the workshop will have a positive experience.  The listeners, which will include myself and any of you who would be kind enough to help, will interact with each student in a friendly, supportive manner, and all entrants will receive written comments following the workshop.  Because Green Room will not be busy playing orchestral repertoire, and because students will be limited to a single movement, we should be able to select 6 to 12 of our students to solo at each concert.

Please consider contributing your wonderful expertise to this effort.  Not only does your participation make all your students eligible to participate in the workshop, but it gives us teachers a rare opportunity to come together.  I think we will have a lot of fun.

You can direct your students to this website for more information on Green Room and how to submit their applications.  The process is as follows (schedule TBD):
  • Teachers' participation determined
  • Student applications due
  • Workshop; Performers selected
  • Solo performance for selected
As soon as I have enough interested musicians/teachers, venues and dates will be finalized.

I welcome all your thoughts and feelings, and hope to hear of your interest as soon as possible!

Yonitte Ryger

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