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Students Take Note

Are you or your child a serious musician?  Did your music teacher tell you about the possibility of performing with an orchestra of professional musicians (named "Green Room")?  If so, you are in the right place.  Thank you for taking the initial step to find out how Play It For Good and our Green Room can help you or your child benefit from a unique and relevant soloist performance opportunity.

Green Room is comprised of the finest artists/educators in the New York area.  It is unique in that it exists solely to provide talented young players the opportunity to be soloists.

Talk to any young adult who has had the privilege to solo with an orchestra, he/she will tell you that it was one of the most fun, rewarding and memorable experiences.  Unfortunately, most students never have a single chance to solo.  Solo opportunities are typically reserved for those who are exceedingly advanced.  

Green Room selects soloists based purely on how enjoyable a performance they are able to give, regardless of age or level.  Student performers will be chosen through a workshop, not a cold audition.  Every student participating in the workshop will have a positive experience.  The educators will interact with each student in a friendly, supportive manner, and all entrants will receive written comments following the workshop.

Interested students should be aware of the following process. Tentative schedules TBD:
  • Applications due
  • Applicants attend workshop where soloist winners are selected based on performance
  • Soloist winners perform with Green Room
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