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How to Apply

Please complete the following application form to enter the Play It For Good Concerto Competition.  The application fee is $35, which is tax deductible.  All participants are required to perform with a pianist.  You can bring your own or we can offer usage of a Play It For Good pianist for a fee ($20 per usage).  Please use the Google Checkout Button below - or send your payment via check (payable to "Play It For Good, a NJ NP Corp") to P.O. Box 181, Princeton, NJ  08542.  

Because we are a "Google-verified" 501(c)(3) organization, you may also use the Google Checkout Button below to submit your payment using a credit card at no cost to Play It For Good.  Any questions, please send email to info(at)PlayItForGood.com (no spam please).  All proceeds go towards venue, expenses and various non-profit causes - and are tax-deductible.

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